Saturday, February 25, 2012

Spring Fever

  About this time of year I tend to get a serious case of spring fever. In previous years, unable to contain myself, I have started seedlings in late February only to have them (a) die, because we keep our house at 55 degrees; (b) die, because they got so spindly; or (c) survive in a stunted, pathetic sort of way, requiring a lot of attention and producing practically nothing. This year, I am determined to be more self-disciplined. To scratch the itch, however, while still keeping my resolve, I have ordered my seeds online from Gurney's and Miller's. I have always wanted to try seed ordered from an actual seed company versus seed bought, say, at the local drugstore and compare the results. Additionally, you can instruct them not to send you your seeds or seedlings until the appropriate time-- I thus physically can't get ahead of myself this year as I won't have the seeds yet. Genius.

Gurney's is currently having an online sale until March 4th with 15% off everything and free shipping with really reasonably priced seeds and plants; go to

To further mollify my garden longings, I can solidify my garden plan. I am a big proponent of companion planting as it makes sense and works well. I've been loving Carrots love Tomatoes & Roses love Garlic by Louise Riotte, who also writes for Organic Gardening magazine. It's such a fantastic reference that I'm actually reading it cover to cover.

In the meantime, I'm taking comfort in the fact that up here in Zone 4 spring can't be far away-- the lilac, nature's springtime soothsayer, has buds already!

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